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Family Constitution

By accepting this symbol, you agree to accept and adopt the following principles:

1. Think the best, at all times, of those who hold this symbol.

2.  Prefer and support the efforts of all who hold this symbol.

3.  Operate as servant-leader in one of the disciplines.

4.  Own your craft.

5.  Demonstrate strength in values.

6.  Walk securely in unity with all who wear this symbol.

7.  Correct all who wear this symbol if they are not demonstrating the values of this symbol.

8.  Lead by apprenticeship with those who seek to live according to the values of this symbol.

9.  Be truthful with yourself and others who value this symbol (accountability)

10.  Lend grace and mercy to others as you walk transparently with those who hold this symbol.

11.  Speak in public the values you hold in private

12.  Position yourself for the people who hold this symbol

13. Create with love, respect, grace, and mercy

14. Understand yourself and be true to it.

15.  Do not avoid pain to accomplish your goals for the people who hold this symbol

16. Isolate those who corrupt this symbol, and hold accountable

17. Fight for this symbol

18. Strategy over short term gain, at all cost.

19.  Our Pillars—Education of self, grit, mastery, humility, selflessness/services, prosperity, and legacy.

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